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Empowering Your Entire Organization

BR's solutions are designed for everyone on your team: every leader and individual who is looking to elevate their approach to mental health through understanding and application.

Solutions for all parts of your team

Career Coaching

For Employers

Foster a culture

of support in the workplace.

Employers want to create an environment of collaboration and productivity, and a solid mental health strategy is a crucial component of that goal. BR's quality mental health education gives your team the tools they need to address their own mental health needs and support a culture of growth so that all parts of the team can thrive.

Workplace Mental Health

For individuals

Find Out How Coaching Can Supercharge Your Growth

Career and Leadership Coaching are the next steps to taking the concepts you learn about and applying them to your career and teams. Whether you're trying to combat burnout, improve your team's psychological safety, work on delegation or advance your communication skills, BR's coaching solutions are here to support your growth.

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We Help You create
an Innovative and Integrated mental health strategy

BR's education and coaching solutions create the cornerstone of your organization's mental health strategy.

We help organizations to:

  • Demonstrate a commitment to employee mental health.

  • Educate employees about common mental health issues and treatment options.

  • De-stigmatize mental health so that workers can feel more supported.

  • Support leadership and career goals so that workers can feel fulfilled in their roles.

Leadership Coaching

Solutions Designed for every employee

BR's quality mental health education and coaching are designed for all employees of any background. We look to empower all team members, including:

People leaders

HR Managers

INdividual contributors

Service Staff

Choose the solutions that work for you

Mental Health is a complicated and sensitive topic. Our solutions are designed with flexibility in mind so that learners of all backgrounds can understand how to take a better approach. 

Education for workplace

For employers looking to support mental health.

We've designed evidence-based learning modules so that employees of any background can understand the ins-and-outs of mental health in the workplace. Choose from our custom education modules, compatible with all major LMS systems.

Career & Leadership

For professionals looking to

achieve more.

Are you looking to achieve more in your position, or branch out into new and exciting directions? Our coaching will give you the Confidence, Courage and Credibility to fulfill your values and purpose.

Get STarted

Let BR elevate your approach to mental health.

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