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Helping Your Team Survive Change

Change is an inevitable part of the work we do, especially in behavioral health. At work, we have to be conscious of how this change will impact the individuals on our teams. Change can make some people feel isolated and lonely or uproot the stability within their lives. We have to remember that people can only cope with so much change at once (LinkedIn), especially when the details surrounding the change are uncertain.

On the other hand, change can be a beautiful thing! It propels us forward and encourages us to do differently and improve upon what we’ve done in the past. It can help organizations thrive, bolster the relationships we have (while cultivating new ones), and positively impact our communities. But how do we get folks on our teams comfortable with change?

Let’s take a look at some strategies for cushioning change with your team:

Learn how people cope with change: Some folks love change and move towards it immediately. Some have trouble getting behind change they d