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10 Things We Learned While Starting a Business- Part 1

We are proud to say that we have had this business for an entire 6 months! To commemorate this moment, we’re writing a blog post as a duo so we can share some of the lessons we wish we had known when we started out. Here are 10 things we learned starting BR Training & Education.

  1. Create Your Business Plan: We started our business in bits and pieces and I think part of the reason it took us so long to get things going is because we did not start by creating a business plan. Business plans can help guide you through the process of developing your business and making decisions around how it will function. Even if you create an outline for your business plan before starting, give yourself a good “jumping-off” point.

  2. If You Don’t Know, Don’t Guess: As you start out there will be some parts of business that make complete sense and others that you’re not quite sure of. Ryan and I have a strong background in providing therapy for folks and the running joke about therapists and social workers is that we chose this field because we can’t do math. Make a list of business aspects that you would like to learn more about, do some research on them, and reach out to people who might be able to answer the questions.

  3. Step Outside of Your Comfort Zone: We’ve had to do a lot of growing and pushing the boundaries of our comfort zone. We’ve had to get more comfortable with social media, delve into learning about finances, and make the dreaded, “cold calls.” All of it has been worth it but we had to get comfortable being uncomfortable first.

  4. Partner Smart: One of the reasons our business has been able to flow so well is because Ryan and I work in such a complimentary way. Ryan and I have similar training styles and complimentary temperament. We can also respectfully disagree with each other, work through challenges and barriers together, and support each other. If you want to co-own a business, don’t just pick a good friend. Pick a good partner.

  5. Get a Mentor: Find some other business owners that can give you some guidance! Connecting with others who have been through the process of starting a business can help give you some direction, provide you with some encouragement, and mentors ask beneficial questions that you didn’t even know to consider. You don’t know what you don’t know, so someone with a lot of experience will be crucial. Find someone who will challenge you and force you to really think through your processes.

Check out our blog post next week for Part 2!

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