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Overview of mental health at work

Introductory | Mental Health Competency | 60 Minutes

About this learning path:

This introductory learning path is designed to support both people leaders and individual contributors in identifying and understanding common mental health issues in the workplace. 

If you're looking to improve your organization's approach to mental health, this is the place to start. This learning path will provide the groundwork for navigating the challenging waters of mental health at work.

Estimated Length: 60 minutes

Course Contents: 4 modules, featuring an interactive and mixed media design for adult learners of all backgrounds (includes animation, video elements, a actionable Leadership To-Do list and knowledge checks)

Bonus Contents: PDFs of resources and an in-depth conversation with BR's clinical team around the experience of creating an integrated mental health strategy in your workplace

Target Audience: People leaders, HR managers, individual contributors

Level: Introductory

Prerequisite(s): None

Method: Self-paced, interactive

Let BR support your mental wellness strategy 

Learn how BR can provide your organization with the tools to thrive.

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