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Support Group

Business Coaching
for Counselors

For Therapists, Counselors and Social Workers who want to

create their Dream Career full of abundance and freedom!

Are You...

  • Burned out and exhausted?

  • Experiencing a decline in empathy?

  • Struggling to feel professionally effective?

  • Not growing as fast as you'd like?

  • Looking to make a change in the type of work you do?

  • Feeling pulled in too many directions?

Do You Want...

  • A profitable business that brings you joy and meaning?

  • To love what you're doing again?

  • To live with intention?

  • To learn how to utilize your skills to create a larger positive impact?

We've been there! It can be scary and feel isolating to experience these things without any guidance or mentors. We want to support you to build a business and career that flourishes!

What Makes Us Different?

Experience and Connection

Hi, we're Brie and Ryan and we're both former exhausted therapists turned successful training facilitators and business coaches. We love working with therapists, social workers and wellness industry professionals looking to redefine or shift their careers, pivot toward training facilitation or find new ways to generate a large positive impact.​ We've traveled the path from burned out therapists to highly sought-after training facilitators by carving out our own niche. Anyone can do what we did, so let us show you how to as well! 


Listening is what we do and curiosity keeps us going! We're non-judgmental and rational. You already have all the skills you need to succeed, and we'll help you discover what's right for you in your business and your life.

Book a free introductory coaching call with us to see if we're a good fit. We'll talk a little bit about our journey and what we can offer, and we'll spend a lot of time listening to your goals and challenges before talking about your future opportunities.

Ryan Skimmons and Brie Jennings are experienced coaches for counselors and therapists

Unleash Your Potential With the Right Support

Are you a behavioral health professional, therapist, counselor, social worker, or other wellness practitioner looking to make a change?

Are you struggling with exhaustion and burnout that's affecting how you do your work?


Have you thought about making a change but aren't sure where to start?


Maybe you would you like to pivot to a career in training facilitation or find an adjacent career path?


Do you want to increase the impact of your practice or even learn how you can start a brand new business? We've been there and we have the skills to get you there too!

Maybe you've been trying to do it alone and have been struggling.

Or maybe you don't even know where to begin with trying to take your clinical career in different directions.

If you want to create a huge positive impact but are struggling to connect or feel directionless...

You'll be amazed at what we can do to help you create a career of freedom and abundance.

Here's what you get as a private coaching client:


  • You're essentially getting us as your business partner. We'll talk about your goals, limiting beliefs, and all areas of your business and life that you want support with. We'll do this with...

  • Two 1:1 Coaching calls per month. We’ll talk about anything you need support with, including strategy, career direction, marketing, team, relationships, mindset, and/or money. We'll pull from our experience as successful clinicians, managers, training facilitators, coaches and business owners. This is the good stuff!

  • Personal feedback and support. You can always drop us a message in between our calls for quick check-ins, brainstorms, mindset reframes, questions...anything you need. We're your mentors and we want to help you move forward toward your career goals utilizing our own experience. We also have a catalog of evidence-based tools that we can use to help you advance your skills including assessments and exercises to shift your mindset and achieve your potential.

  • And the rest: You also get access to everything we create during the time we work together, including courses, live events, or anything else we might come up with!

Your Investment:

$250 for a 60 minute session

$725 for a 3 session package

*Please note that we require a 3-session minimum if you choose to work with us beyond your first session. We've found that you don't get as much benefit in less than 3 sessions.

Are you ready to achieve your dreams? Click below to work with us:

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