Get the Guidance You Need and the Push to Succeed.

Professional Coaching for Executives and Employees

Coaching can empower you to reach your potential as a professional.  When you work with us, we'll look to improve your engagement and performance in order to take your career to the next level.

BR coaches all levels of workers on leadership, personal and professional development, Emotional Intelligence, and introverted individuals who have challenges with public speaking, anxiety, and self-confidence. We aim for deep learning to help you truly apply concepts to your work and life


Coaching Provides Support and Encouragement to help You Develop Skills, Plans and Confidence to Achieve Your Goals

Our mission is to provide the most caring, collaborative and effective professional coaching and consulting services available. Drawing from our unique and broad skill set in psychology, management, and technology we use evidence-based personality and other assessments to take a results-oriented, strengths-based approach to coaching and consulting work.

We are ready to coach in the following areas: career direction, work performance, leadership development, communication, team management, emotional intelligence, relationships, crisis management, motivational techniques, behavioral health system navigation and diversity equity and inclusion (DEI). We help to identify and build on strengths, so you can be more strategic, focused, productive, organized, profitable, fulfilled, and balanced in your school, work, or career.

What You Get When You Work With Us

Individualized Needs Assessment 

First and foremost, we want to get to know you and your story.  We'll set up an initial session to talk about your challenges and what you'd like your future direction to be. The experience is grounded in personal goals.

A Plan That Works For You

Based on what you need, we'll create a detailed plan which will include specific steps that we'll take along the way.  This may involve areas of development, such as training and education, plans for other external supports, or evaluation methods to determine future directions.

Evidence-Based Interventions

We're experienced in providing psychometric evaluations which can help you to determine skills and aptitudes, as well as areas in need of improvement. Everything we do will be geared toward helping you find your purpose, clarity and passion.

Continuous Support and Evaluation

We won't leave you high and dry.  Even the best-laid plans need to be constantly evaluated and adjusted.  We'll make sure you're staying on track and make any changes to the plan that are needed.  More importantly we're here to support you on your journey.