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Get to know
Brienne Jennings 
& Ryan Skimmons
aka The heart of BR


"We believe that every behavioral health professional deserves to be supported.

And that's our goal. To guide you toward your entrepreneurial goals so that you can transform your life and the world!"

Our Mission

Provide behavioral health professionals with the inspiration and actionable advice to transform your career, skills, and business.

How do you know it's possible for you?

We've done it! We've traveled the road from burned-out therapists to successful business coaches and highly sought-after training facilitators. Through carving out our own niche, we've learned the skills to help you define your career goals and achieve the freedom and abundance you so crave!

Hundreds of therapists, social workers, counselors and clinicians have allowed us to help them go from amateur to professional! 

BR Training and Education LLC is committed to providing high-quality personal and professional development, mental health and wellness training to cross-industry professionals in Philadelphia and virtually worldwide. We're a boutique firm whose professionals have studied and educated others in human nature for over 20 years combined. 


Our purpose is to help our clients create their dream career, while unleashing their own hidden potential.

Whether we're consulting organizations on their mental health training and policies, helping teams improve their crisis prevention protocols, coaching clients on professional development, or hosting live workshops, our goal is always to help our clients uncover the power within themselves. 

We give you the tools. You do the work. We're with you every step of the way.

We work with a wide range of industries and are experts in trauma/resilience and certified in crisis resolution, suicide prevention, grief and loss, Motivational Interviewing, Mental Health First Aid and more. We are skilled in instructional design and adult learning principles so you can trust that our educational products are designed for success.


And we're a Black and woman-owned business that is committed to furthering diversity, equity and inclusion in the workplace!

*Please note, we do not provide direct therapeutic interventions.*

5.3k Cross-Industry Professionals Trained

250+ Workshops Held

8 Training Certifications

20+ Years Experience

Meet The Team

Brienne Jennings

Brienne Jennings, MA

  • LinkedIn

Founder & Consultant

Ryan Skimmons

Ryan Skimmons, MS

  • LinkedIn

Founder & Consultant


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