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online mental health training

Boost Your Team's Brilliance
On-Demand Mental Health Training.
Tailored for Thriving Companies.

We create customized, on-demand mental health training that meet your organization's needs.

Here's How We Can Help


The best organization's treat their employees as individuals. Our training solutions recognize that every learner is different and we offer person-centered content to meet those needs.

Skills to Help You Grow

Everyone brings their own strengths and growth opportunities. Our approach is just as unique. We'll help your team develop tools that leverage what already makes them great!

Proven Experience

We've spent many years as mental health professionals and educators, working with hundreds of cross-industry professionals on mental health in the workplace. Let us share our expertise with your team!

Brienne Jennings, MA

Ryan Skimmons, MS

We're Brie and Ryan, both former therapists turned successful training facilitators, consultants and coaches. Through our work with hundreds of professionals, we've learned that people who are mentally healthy will thrive in their work and lives. 

So we've made it our mission to define the role of mental wellness in the workplace through customized, evidence-based mental health training solutions.

Our Thriving Clients:

Andrea October
"Brie and Ryan make learning experiences accessible and meaningful!"
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