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Premium Online Mental Health Training

Redefine mental health training with online training that works for you!


BR Learning provides continuous online learning across multiple supported devices, available 24/7 and with lifetime access.


We cover subjects that are important to you and we're constantly updating our catalog.

BR's Online Training Library Includes:

Curated Content Library.

Learning opportunities that work for you. One low price, even when we add new content.

Client Success Support

We're always available for support, whether it's technical or content-based.

Certificates of Completion

Prove that you've learned from the best and add our courses to your resume.

Meet BR

Brienne Jennings, MA

Ryan Skimmons, MS

We want you to take a better approach to mental health. Our relatable style energizes and engages customers to make a positive change. Even better, we truly care about your success and we want to inspire you to professionally thrive. We take a holistic path to training and tailor our style to your culture.

We're former therapists and managers with over 20 years' combined experience who decided that we needed a change.  After leaving our previous professions, the need for mental health education in the wider world became apparent.  We saw how powerful it could be if people applied behavioral health principles in their lives and careers.



Dr. Rose Joachim

Associate Director of Neurology
(NY Metropolitan Area)

"Super useful training— comprehensive and action-focused. Great instructors, too!"

Andrea October

Andrea October, MSS

Trauma Training Coordinator
(Philadelphia, Pa)

"Brie and Ryan are skillful in their content development and facilitation...a unique catalog of specialty trainings and their blogs provide great perspective. They make learning experiences accessible and meaningful. Highly recommend them for your content development, consultation, and training needs!"


Rachel Gucwa, MA

Business Owner and Therapist

(Philadelphia, Pa)

"Brie and Ryan are excellent trainers. They offer a thoughtful, insightful perspective and have a kind, creative approach...they create a natural space for healing and growth."

Taina Estremera

Taina Estremera, MS

Project & Operations Specialist

(Philadelphia, Pa)

"Two of my favorite trainers!"

What Clients Are Saying

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