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BR Coaching for Counselors and Therapists

Expert Coaching for Counselors and Therapists

Coaching for counselors, therapists, and social workers looking to get more clients, more income and the career of their dreams.


We created BR to foster a community of people like us:

Hard-working therapists, social workers and clinicians looking to transform their careers and businesses to make their lives...and the world...a better place to live.

Are you...

...a behavioral health professional, therapist, counselor, social worker, or other wellness practitioner looking to make a change?

...struggling with exhaustion and burnout that's affecting how you do your work?


...thinking about making a change but aren't sure where to start?


...wanting to pivot to a career in training facilitation or find an adjacent career path?



If that sounds like you, we hope you'll let us show you the way!

When you're ready to get started, our business coaching will give you the tools to achieve the career you've always dreamed of!


What are you waiting for? Start mastering the skills to take your career to the next level!

Create YOUR dream career full of freedom and abundance.

Our Coaching Strategy



The first thing you'll notice is how we listen to you and your story. We want to hear about what motivates and challenges you in order to guide you in the right direction.


Skills to Help You Grow

Everyone brings their own strengths and growth opportunities. Our approach is just as unique. We'll help you develop tools that leverage what already makes you great!


Proven Experience

We'll share our experience, steps to take, and mistakes to avoid while recognizing that you're the expert in the subject of YOU. And rest assured, we only teach what we've done and mastered!

On a Mission to Achieve Dreams

Brienne Jennings, MA

Ryan Skimmons, MS

Hi, we're Brie and Ryan and we're both former therapists turned successful training facilitators, business mentors and coaches. We love working with therapists, social workers and wellness industry professionals looking to shift careers, pivot toward training facilitation or find new ways to generate a large positive impact.


We've traveled the path from burned out therapists to highly sought-after training facilitators by carving out our own niche.


Anyone can do what we did, so let us show you how to as well!

Rose Joachim
5 Stars

Dr. Rose Joachim

Associate Director of Neurology

"Super useful training— comprehensive and action-focused. Great instructors, too!"

Andrea October
5 Stars

Andrea October, MSS

Trauma Training Coordinator

"Brie and Ryan are skillful in their content development and facilitation...They make learning experiences accessible and meaningful. "

Rachel Gucwa
5 Stars

Rachel Gucwa, MA

Business Owner and Therapist

"Brie and Ryan are excellent trainers. They offer a thoughtful, insightful perspective and have a kind, creative approach...they create a natural space for healing and growth."

Taina Estremera
5 Stars

Taina Estremera, MS

Project & Operations Specialist

"Two of my favorite trainers!"

Our Thriving Clients

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