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Elevate Your Approach to


Education, Coaching, and Engagement

Solutions for the Workplace


Fueling a Revolution in Mental Health

BR provides evidence-based education solutions designed to empower professionals of every background to foster mentally healthy workplaces.

Our mission is to create supportive workplaces, trauma-informed leaders and to destigmatize mental health.


BR's content is designed and facilitated by trained mental health professionals who have decades of clinical experience and specialize in making adult education easy and engaging.

Workplace Mental Health

A need for mental health in the workplace

1 in 5

1 in 5 adults in the US

experience mental illness every year.


92% of workers say it's important that their organization prioritizes mental health.


57% of workers report experiencing symptoms of burnout.

Leadership Coaching

The Workplace
has evolved

American workers' relationship with their jobs have changed drastically over the past several years. Employees are reporting increased symptoms of professional burnout and want more support around mental health than ever before. 

Yet most organizations devote little time to developing a

trauma-informed and cutting-edge mental health strategy.

Who we serve

BR offers end-to-end education solutions for anyone looking to improve their approach to mental health. We're perfect for:


Customized mental health educational content for employees, tailored to your organization's needs.


Career and Leadership Coaching solutions that cultivate purpose and define values so that you can achieve meaningful growth.

Choose the solutions that work for you

Mental Health is a complicated and sensitive topic. Our solutions are designed with flexibility in mind so that learners of all backgrounds can understand how to take a better approach. 

Education for workplace

For employers looking to support mental health.

We've designed evidence-based learning modules so that employees of any background can understand the ins-and-outs of mental health in the workplace. Choose from our custom education modules, compatible with all major LMS systems.

Career & Leadership

For professionals looking to

achieve more.

Are you looking to achieve more in your position, or branch out into new and exciting directions? Our coaching will give you the Confidence, Courage and Credibility to fulfill your values and purpose.

Workplace Mental Health

How We SUpport


We help employers create solid mental health strategies

through educational content that truly connects with

their team. Our solutions are designed to connect with what matters to employees.


Our education modules are designed to meet the needs of today's workforce and are designed so that workers of any educational background can understand mental health.


You can trust that our mental health solutions are

evidence-based and designed by facilitators who have

been providing mental health services for decades.

We specialize in cultivating trauma-informed workplaces.

Workplace Mental Health

Support Your organization's mental health challenges

BR helps your organization address it's greatest mental health challenges, such as:

  • Reducing Stigma Around Mental Health by providing quality education about different issues and challenges.

  • Addressing Employee Burnout through training around establishing boundaries and insight into the drivers of burnout.

  • Helping Your Workforce Define Values and Purpose so that employees can feel a greater connection to their work.

  • Improving Emotional Intelligence through raising self-awareness so that your team can relate to each other better.

  • Implementing Trauma-Informed Practices by providing employers with the tools to meet their employees where they're at.

Learn More

Let BR elevate your approach to mental health.

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