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Professional Growth Starts With You.

Business transformation requires personal transformation.
Join the hundreds of organizations and professionals who have used our services to take their careers and businesses to the next level!

We're Brie and Ryan.

Brienne Jennings

We're former therapists and managers with over 20 years' combined experience who decided that we needed a change.  After leaving our previous professions, we quickly saw the need for mental health education in the wider world.  We saw how powerful it could be if people applied behavioral health principles in their lives and careers. 

Ryan Skimmons

BR Training and Education, LLC

We started BR Training and Education, LLC to create more effective professionals and businesses using evidence-based behavioral health tools.  We work with organizations large and small with the goal of helping individuals feel empowered to handle any situation thrown their way.


Companies that invest in employee experience lead to happier employees, a larger talent pipeline, greater profitability and productivity. (Jacob Morgan, 2017)

Meaningful and personalized solutions, for everyone. 

Specialty in Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI), crisis management, grief and loss recovery skills, trauma and resilience, mental health signs and symptoms, and many others. 

Located in Philadelphia, Pa but are available to serve clients anywhere virtually.

Customers Trust Us, Partners Love Us!

"Brie and Ryan are skillful in their content development and facilitation. They have a unique catalog of specialty trainings and their blogs provide great perspective. They make learning experiences accessible and meaningful. Highly recommend them for your content development, consultation, and training needs!"
-Andrea, workshop participant
"Super useful training—comprehensive and action-focused. Great instructors, too!"
-Rose, workshop participant
"Very informative, professional and timely"
-Kathy, workshop participant
"Two of my favorite trainers!"